World Family Day


The greatest blessing in life is the love of a family. Last May 15, we celebrated World Family Day. We surprised our ambassadors in our shoot with their loved ones, gave them an opportunity to bond with them for a day and photographed this special moment. Watch the full story here.  Show how much you love your family today. Win a shopping treat worth P5000 for you and your favorite family member. Go to our Instagram page to find out more.




Siblings are more than our best friends. We may fight and disagree with them but whenever we need a helping hand, you know they will be the first ones to offer themselves to you no matter what. Here is Janna with his beloved brother Anjo.

The greatest love that we receive is the love from our mother. Her love is unconditional and forever. There is no other person in this world who would put you first before herself other than her and that’s the best kind of love in this world. Here is LA with his beloved mother Nancy.

Family is not just a human thing. Sometimes, we receive the greatest love from the four-legged creatures in our home. Sometimes, it is them that remind us of how we should love each other unconditionally. Here is Richard with his beloved pet dog Riphie.

The greatest blessing in life is the love of a family. Here is Tommy with his beloved Lola.

Family isn’t always about blood. Sometimes, we find the love of a family with the people we’re around with.

Photography: Bjorn Manila of SM Youth
Hair and Makeup: Cats del Rosario of At East Jed Root
Film: Carlo Alcala of SM Youth
Assisted by:
Coley Silva
Ron Regalado
Darel Magramo