We Got It From The Boys


GroupCover Tank chambray shirts, P799.75

Given the fast-paced evolvement of fashion, we can only keep up so much with the constant reshuffling of trends. Although the anticipation of vamping up our closets with the latest collections can always be a thrill in itself, a middle ground between what’s in and what’s comfortable must be established; less we forget that our appeal to fashion stems from clothing that helps us get through the day with ease, which in return exudes the bonus of effortless style. With that being said, there is a certain handful of millennials that have nailed the balance and emerged as some of today’s young influencers. What’s their secret (aside from the obvious cool-girl factor) you ask? They don’t limit themselves to only one side of the store; rather they experiment and play both fields. That’s right ladies, the key to their covetable demeanor is a mix of both men’s and women’s clothing. With that being said, hold on to your closets ‘gents because the ladies are taking over! Check out how these it-girls dominate menswear and how they use it to their advantage.

JannaTee1 Tank sweater, P799.75

Janna Tee

Many may know this beauty as the sole female ambassador for SM Youth, so we couldn’t help but wonder how she felt to finally have other it-girls model alongside her for the brand. And so she said “I was really ecstatic when I found out we were doing an all girl feature because through this, the brand can now show that the clothing isn’t only limited to the guys.” Being one of the main faces of SM Youth, she gave us the low down on how she typically styles her menswear pieces. She naturally balances both guy and girls clothing by contrasting the two pieces, whether it be pairing a unisex top with “girly” bottoms or piecing together a dress with an oversized boyfriend jacket. Janna admits that she gets most of her dressing habits from her boyfriend Brent Javier, alongside statement piece inspiration from Kanye, which could probably explain her love for boots “even if it’s hot in the Philippines” she says. When styling her outfits whether it be for working in her family’s business or going to SM Youth events, Janna states that menswear plays a big part of her wardrobe because it is the juxtapose of both masculine and feminine that makes her ensembles have that added “oomph.

YannaCowper1 Tee Culture t-shirt, P149.75

Yanna Cowper

At an early age Yanna Cowper has already been exposed to numerous Bel-Air fashion shows (thanks to her model parents) all throughout elementary to high school. It is no wonder why modeling has become second nature to this 19 year old, she was practically born into the modeling world. With having to balance both the load of being a Literature student in DLSU and pursuing a career in modeling, we asked Yanna how she is still able to look effortlessly cool. She said “I like big stuff because it doesn’t look like I’m trying too hard to dress up and at the same time I get to be myself instead of wearing tight clothing.” Just like international celebrities like Zac Efron and Austin Butler, Yanna would peg herself as a trendy yet laidback personality that stays true to her moo. In Yanna’s words “A guy who dresses well is a great thing”, which is why she gave us the example that if she were a boy, her go-to piece would be a classic polo or a big t-shirt alongside a stylish pair of either Nike or New Balance kicks.

MaureenSchrijvers1Tank sweater, P799.75

Maureen Schrijvers

A true example of what a hardworking 20-year old looks like, can be found in Maureen Schrijvers. This DLSU Psychology major gave us a glimpse into what her typical day would look like, which starts with her 4 a.m. track and field training. She is a varsity member on a 100% scholarship that models during her free time, and still makes it to her 7:30 a.m. class. And so of course we asked her given her wonder woman schedule, what her go-to piece would be and she said “Comfort wear usually. If you see me in school I’m always in a shirt and pants.” Mau keeps it simple and adds that if she were to buy menswear, it would be all about the oversized hoodies and sweaters. She tells us that the good thing about boyfriend’s clothing is that “it’s comfy and big like pyjamas. Unlike women’s clothing it’s always tight for you to show off your curves”, which I’m pretty sure we can all agree with her there, who wouldn’t want that level of comfort throughout the day? Having said that, given the opportunity to step into a man’s shoes, Mau quotes that she would definitely emanate a hippie vibe with sweatpants and tank tops as her go-to outfit.

AkikoAbad1 Tank sweater, P799.75; Tank white tattered jeans, P699.75

Akiko Abad

Radiating a demure demeanor, you wouldn’t have pegged that this (not so) girl next door and SM Youth Go See winner is actually majoring in Legal Management at San Beda College. In spite of her full schedule this semester, Akiko Abad still makes time to start her day off with a boxing session at Elorde and schedules photo shoots in between her classes. Given that her intense schedule of studying and modeling stints always keeps her on her toes, she gave us insight as to why boyfriend/ oversized pieces are all the rage in her wardrobe collection. Firstly she says, “I can’t live without a boyfriend’s denim polo and sweater just because aside from it being casual and comfortable, you can get creative with how you wear it. You can clip or tie the oversized piece in the back, wrap it around your waist, or get a sweater and make it off the shoulder.” The charm of wearing men’s pieces got Akiko to appreciate the styling of male influencers such as Robbie Becroft and David Guison as she said, ”I really like their preppy style. They’re different, striking, and are far from the plain and basic type.” With this in mind we can clearly see that the possibilities of using menswear are endless, from ripped jeans plus heels to oversized long-sleeves with shorts, us ladies can always benefit with the use of just a bit of our imagination and a couple creativity boosts from social media.

JennicaSanchez Tank sweater, P799.75; Tank jogger pants, P699.75

Jennica Sanchez

At 19 years old, Jennica Sanchez is taking on the Instagram-o-sphere by storm one post at a time. With a background in dancing for a crew in her former school of UST, Jennica has learned to strut to the beat of her own playlist that led her to pursue a career in fashion. Although she is currently studying in the School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFa), her inclination towards hip-hop and streetwear is still close to her heart saying, “my number 1 favorite menswear piece would have to be joggers because I can style it with any sweater (even those from my boyfriend’s closet) and turn it into a crop top.” The benefit she goes on saying about wearing “boyfriend” pieces is that “you can wear it anyway and it’s going to be comfortable,” which in my opinion should be a top priority when looking for clothes that will last the day and keep you productive. Because let’s face it, not everyone can pull-off wearing sky-high-heels to do school or work errands. And just like the sought after model off duty look of Cara Delevigne, Jennica would finish off her “perfect tomboy” appearance with a striking pair of kicks and alluring attitude.

Photography: Bjorn Manila of SM Youth
Written by: Katya Roxas