5 New Rules of 2019 Fashion, According to Gen Zs

All right, all right here’s the piping hot tea: Fashion is frankly too formulaic. Or should we say was. This we dare you, scroll through Instagram 2018 and you’ll find yourself drowning in light-wash denim, oversized tees, and an abundance of button-downs. Thank heavens for 2019 fashion trends (plus the loud, highkey Gen Zs), we’re about to say “thank u, next”.

The rise of the Generation Z makes a whole lot of space for a style that’s almost always attributed to looking different (weird even). Gist is, IDC hunty, as long as you can express yourself unapologetically through clothes, you can sit with them.

Ahead’s a breakdown of new rules of fashion, according to Gen Zs— whether you need it for your next IG post or for simply stocking up, the time has come to add a big daym energy to your wardrobe (Come on guys, it’s 2019!).

5. Skinny jeans are dead.

Time to store your skinny jeans in the deep ends of your closet and bring out your fuller leg trousers. Get these pants from SMYTH.

4. Check your checks.

Checkered clothing is here to stay. Grab this jacket from SMYTH.

3. Give in to neon.

Neon hues have been dominating the streetwear scene since the fall/winter season of 2018 and the trend is not stopping anytime soon. Get the jacket and track pants from BO ATHLETICS.

2. Stripes are here to stay.

But make sure you opt for the bold and colorful ones for this year. Get these dresses from GTW FAB and GTW URBAN.

1. Go for bold colors.

The new year is all about bright and bold colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment and class prints and patterns. Get these looks from SMYTH, BO ATHLETICS, GTW FAB and GTW URBAN.

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