Cheat Sheet to Festival Dressing (Post-Tank Top Era)

Festival fashion has turned into a parody of itself. With it comes non-stop Coachella references and—no offense!—glorified flower crowns (and men’s tank tops, too) attached to the idea of it. But we’ve come so far, universe. Boho style seemed so exhausted that we’ve collectively agreed to give it a rest.

After all, it’s 2019, and the calendar ticks to more celebrations, anticipation, and discovery. The height of today’s outdoor fashion suggests experimentation above all else. Now’s the time we go all out. So if you want to look like you’re about to earn 2019 (which you will), clear out that wardrobe and might as well consider these swaps A-S-A-P.

1. Trade tank tops for athletic wear.

Get the shirt from Tee Culture and shortsfrom Bo Athletics.

Festival look? Without tank tops? Unbelievable. Well, trust us, it’s for your own good. The meteoric rise of sportswear-inspired clothes has extended comfort even to music-dominated spaces. To be fair, it prepares you to chase stages after stages and run after mutuals you wouldn’t want to ignore.

2. Why not try smart streetwear?

Get the shirt and blazer from SMYTH and shorts from Coco Republic Teens.

Get the shirt from Tee Culture, blazer from SMYTH,and shorts from Coco Republic Teens.

Smart and street are two clashing styles that are quite frankly tough to balance, but thanks to the wide array of clothes available at present plus the waning trend to experiment (zero judgement considered), 2019 will be the year we can peacefully match workwear and streetwear in a music fest without getting an eye roll.

3. Throw in pieces that can multitask.

Get the shirt and dress shirt from SMYTH and shorts from Coco Republic Teens.

In case the going gets tough, why don’t you wear clothes that will do the work for you? Throw in a polo that can be easily tied around the waist, or flaunt a short shorts (make sure it’s bright, too); only then you’ll be down to make peace with the unpredictable weather.

4. Ditch black & white for more colors.

Get the polo and pants from SMYTH.

Get the polo from SMYTH and shorts from Coco Republic Teens.

With countless studies tagging pumped-up Gen Z fashion as a rising aesthetic, from print on print on print, or embellished checks, to fearless statement caps, all highly influenced by Instagram, we bluntly say goodbye to all things black and white. Because frankly, in a sea of sameness, colors are good BFFs to help you stand out.

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    January 16, 2019

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