GroupCover Tank chambray shirts, P799.75

Given the fast-paced evolvement of fashion, we can only keep up so much with the constant reshuffling of trends. Although the anticipation of vamping up our closets with the latest collections can always be a thrill in itself, a middle ground between what’s in and what’s comfortable must be established; less we forget that our appeal to fashion stems from clothing that helps us get through the day with ease, which in return exudes the bonus of effortless style. With that being said, there is a certain handful of millennials that have nailed the balance and emerged as some of today’s young influencers. What’s their secret (aside from the obvious cool-girl factor) you ask? They don’t limit themselves to only one side of the store; rather they experiment and play both fields. That’s right ladies, the key to their covetable demeanor is a mix of both men’s and women’s clothing. With that being said, hold on to your closets ‘gents because the ladies are taking over! Check out how these it-girls dominate menswear and how they use it to their advantage.

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